One Click Shop (best online shopping ecommerce in Bhutan) - largest and best online shop in Bhutan

One Click Shop gives best online shopping experience in Bhutan with product ranging from Household to Groceries to Cosmetics to toiletries. Being in business for more than three years, One Click Shop has catered to more than 65 thousand households all over the capital city of Bhutan. One Click Shop is the best online shop in Bhutan with a dedicated team constantly making its services as convenient as possible and the prices as reasonable to its customers, One Click Shop has quickly gained popularity in such short span of time. So the next time you think Online Shopping in Bhutan, think One Click Shop. Express Home Delivery Mart. Thank you for shopping with us 🙂

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Why one click shop is number 1 shopping app in Bhutan?

One click shop is by far the best online shopping app in Bhutan, with variety of groceries and cosmetics at the most affordable rate.

You can download one click shop android app at: Android APP
You can download one click shop Ios app at:

What is Bhutan famous for shopping?

Bhutan is famous for shopping in lot of things which includes handicrafts at the top list. Bhutan is also famous for Korean Cosmetics, which you can purchase at very reasonable rates at same price of Korea from One Click Shop. One Click Shop is the best online shopping store/app in Bhutan.

Is Bhutan cheaper than India?

In terms of Indian products which are taxable in Bhutan, India would be cheaper. However, in terms  of imported products, Bhutan is much cheaper than India due to less tax compared to India. One Click Shop offers a huge variety of Imported products for their customers at best price.

Where to shop online in Bhutan?

The best place to shop online in Bhutan would be one click shop. One Click Shop is the biggest and best  online shopping store in Bhutan with products from different  categories including groceries , pet care, Korean Cosmetics , baby products, fashion, made in Bhutan Products and many more at the most affordable price.

You can download one click shop android app at: Android APP
You can download one click shop Ios app at:

What services do One Click Shop offer?

One Click Shop offers free delivery in Thimphu at the most affordable rate. Their service is highly rated in all social media platform. One Click Shop being a public private partnership company, you will get the best of best services.

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